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Declining Numbers Not the Whole Story

There is no doubt that the age of nominal church attendance is over – people don’t go to church anymore because it is fashionable as it might have been in the 20th century and earlier.

But as I have often said, the statistics about church attendance declining in some areas also reflect the fact that people who are now members of church really want to be there.

This is indicated by some figures I saw this week from the US.

This national study finds that giving is not necessarily declining along with attendance. In fact, the study finds that nearly half of America’s congregations saw an increase in giving from three years ago.

I think that bears out my contention that there might be fewer nominal churchgoers – but more people with a real and committed faith.

Which brings me to the question – what about you. Will you find yourself in church this Sunday?

I’m Russell Powell for the NSW Council of Churches


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