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Can Covid-19 Bring Us to Our Knees?

Churches all over the country, in fact, all over the world, are praying that the coronavirus might be stopped in its tracks. I am doing all I can personally, and I hope you are too, to stop the spread. I think the casual approach to COVID-19 is disappearing in Australia – people of all ages … Continue reading

Teenagers Value Faith

There’s been an interesting result in a survey of the religious literacy of teenagers. It found – they didn’t have much. Religious literacy that is. The survey found that just under half of Australian high school students are taught nothing about different religions and spiritual beliefs; and in government schools the figure is 56%. I’m … Continue reading

Coronavirus – How Could God Let This Happen?

The news has been dominated by the Coronavirus and what we should do about it, how the economy will be affected and even how much toilet paper we should buy. Comparisons are being made with the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1919, or even the plague of the middle ages. Quite rightly, people are pointing out … Continue reading

Church Service Commences Parliament

When Federal Parliament resumed for the year in February, they started with a church service. Despite what critics may say, it in no way crosses church and state boundaries. It is simply an opportunity for those MP’s who believe in God (something which is still in the majority in Australia) – to come together to … Continue reading

Will We Get Some Decent Legislation?

As we start the third month of 2020, let’s hope we can see some decent legislation soon protecting religious freedom. We have laws which outlaw sex, racial and disability discrimination so it only makes sense that people’s freedom of belief should also be protected. I know there is a balance involved between the rights of … Continue reading

No Time To Not Be Praying

If your New Year’s resolution was to pray more – don’t stop now! There are certainly many things to pray about as we near the end of the second month of the year. We are thankful for some good rain in parts of the country, but the risk of fires still remains. In Canberra, the … Continue reading

Christmas Reflections: Did Christmas just make a Comeback?

Has Christmas made a comeback? I have asked this question before … has ‘Happy Holidays’ been replaced again by the actual mention of Christmas? It’s been on TV, and schools were generally allowed to mention the word. Well, maybe not so much about the ‘reason for the season’, but there does seem to be an … Continue reading

Christmas Reflections: Die Hard Traditions

There are a couple of Christmas traditions that I have seen people observing lately that I think deserve to be more widely known. The first is the tradition of reading the entire Christmas narrative from its source – the Bible. I know people who, every year, read through the parts of the book of Luke, … Continue reading

Folau Case Settled, But Not Religious Freedom Laws

Now that the Israel Folau issue has been settled – a few things need to be noted. Firstly – under the agreement, Rugby Australia acknowledged and apologised for any hurt or harm caused to the Folaus. Secondly – Israel Folau said he did not “intend to harm or offend” anyone with the post on Instagram. … Continue reading

Bible App has Astonishing Reach

One of the stories carried in the media in the past weeks was the enormous success of the Bible app called You Version. I use it extensively, both on my phone and on my home speaker where I listen to the bible. Turns out – so do a lot of people around the world. Users … Continue reading


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