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Archbishop’s Controversial Challenge to Church Leaders

The Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies made headlines this week when he said leaders trying to change church doctrine should leave to find another church.

He was talking about the doctrine of marriage. He was talking about leaders such as Bishops – not those in the pews who probably have a range of views (depending where they are on their faith journey).

But the illustration struck home with a lot of people. The idea that if, for example, you are the President of the Atheist Society – you are not at liberty to be an agnostic. That is because nothing less than an atheist will do. Or as someone wrote to a newspaper – it’s like wanting to play soccer but disagreeing with the offside rule.

It makes sense – especially as the Bible says Jesus is the author and perfector of the Christian faith. We are not at liberty to change his faith. We follow, or we don’t.

I’m Russell Powell for the NSW Council of Churches


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