2CH programs

Radio 2CH (1170 on the AM dial) makes a strong Christian contribution to commercial broadcasting in Australia. The NSW Council of Churches owned the station (the “CH” stands for “Churches”) from 1932 until 1989, when it has partnered with Macquarie Radio until January 2017, when purchased by a consortium of Oceania Capital Partners, Glenn Wheatley and John Williams.

One Minute Programs  

Scattered throughout every day are brief 60 second programs from a variety of speakers. These messages, squeezed between the music and news, are designed to stimulate thinking along Christian lines to help everyone, in everyday life.

Sunday at 7.30  

Sundays 7.30 – 8.00am: For many years, 2CH has aired weekly talks by leading Christian communicators. You can read transcripts of these talks online.


Sundays 8.00am: An hour of inspirational music and comment.

Sunday Nights with Aaron Wright

Sundays 9pm – midnight: A talk show packed full of helpful information, expert guests, topical interviews, and your questions and comments on the open line. To join the open line, call 1300 13 1170 (from 9pm Sunday – freecall from all over Australia).

Night Song

Sundays 8pm – 9pm: Great music and talk with Aaron Wright.

News Commentary

Sundays after the news at 8.05 am, 12.05 pm, 2.05 pm and 5.05 pm: Short comments on news and current affairs.


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