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Who am I?

A sermon by Margaret Hall Few people would dispute the importance of funerals. They’re precious times of honouring the deceased, supporting those closest to them, and remembering the promises God made to us through Christ’s death. Funerals are also the time for disposing reverently of the deceased’s mortal remains. It’s a solemn moment when we … Continue reading

The mercy of God

A sermon by Margaret Hall Some of us are a bit long in the tooth to remember anything much of the Shakespeare we read at school – even his most famous speeches – like his description of a quality we’re meant to have. He said it was ‘mightiest in the mightiest, becoming the throned monarch … Continue reading

The judgment of God

A sermon by Margaret Hall One of the songs our grandchildren love to beat out is Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, especially the line ‘And the walls came tumbling down’. It has a very sing-able tune, but it’s worth pointing out that the words don’t quite fit the facts. What happened was that Joshua … Continue reading

God’s creation pattern for fathers

A sermon by Steve Cooper Today is Father’s Day – so if you’re a father, as I am, let me wish you a happy Father’s Day. I’m including, too, father-figures like step-fathers, foster fathers, and male carers of children. One of life’s great privileges is to be a father. My own children are now adults, … Continue reading

God’s breathtaking plan for marriage

A sermon by Steve Cooper I’d like to take a risky step this morning and talk about marriage. It’s risky for a number of reasons. One reason is that for many people their experience of marriage is messy and painful. Another reason is you may not be married, and you may wonder whether the subject … Continue reading

Blessed are the merciful

A sermon by Steve Cooper On this first Sunday of the year, let me wish you a Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the New Year celebrations, and that the first few days of the New Year are going well for you. I’ve been thinking about the importance of character. It seems that our … Continue reading

Jesus brings an end to despair

A sermon by Bob Smith Many of you will remember former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser’s comment about ‘life not being meant to be easy.’ He received a lot of criticism for that from people who thought a wealthy man like he had no idea what life was like for poor people. But around the same … Continue reading

To God be the glory

A sermon by Michael Jensen I The great Swiss theologian Karl Barth once said: “It may be that when the angels go about their task praising God, they play only Bach. I am sure, however, that when they are together en famille they play Mozart.” I have to say that I once shared the opinion of … Continue reading

A sermon on time

A sermon by Michael Jensen I Mostly when we think of time we think of the time at which it meets and its duration – or perhaps the duration of the sermon. A gathering of Christians is about time. To be Christian is to look at time in a very distinctive way. When we meet … Continue reading

I am your shield

A sermon by Margaret Hall Gear that offers some sort of protection has become a familiar sight – from the helmets on cyclists and skate-boarders, to the fluorescent jackets that alert us to the presence of people delivering our mail or repairing our roads – right through to the impermeable full-body cover on people treating … Continue reading