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Yours is the power

A sermon by Margaret Hall It’s a challenge sometimes to keep on believing that God is continually at work to fulfill his good purposes – that he’s not just watching the world from a distance. As when a plane full of men and women, boys and girls, gets blown out of the sky, and for … Continue reading

The ‘ekklesia’ of God

A sermon by Harry Goodhew Have you ever had the experience of reading or seeing something you’ve seen a hundred times before but suddenly it catches your attention with something fresh and revealing? It happened to me just recently. I was reading the opening verses of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, the bit called … Continue reading

Listen to the words of the Lord

A sermon by Harry Goodhew The opening chapters of the book of Joshua tell the story of the early days of Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land. There, on the farther side of the River Jordan, they gathered in preparation for the river crossing and the attack on Jericho. Verse 9 of Chapter 3 says, “Joshua … Continue reading

Jesus brings a path to follow

A sermon by Harry Goodhew “Why do you look for the living among the dead? “He is not here; he has risen!” (Luke 24:5-6 NIV) On Good Friday we fixed our attention on the cross and the grave. We looked at death. Without doubt a wonderful and unique death; liberating believers from sin and judgment; … Continue reading

Consider your calling

A sermon by Harry Goodhew Good morning. Good to be with you. Here’s a piece of apostolic encouragement as you begin your day. It’s designed to inspire confidence, and to encourage humility and gratitude – all very healthy conditions of mind and spirit: “Brothers (and sisters), consider your calling: Not many are wise from a … Continue reading

Meet your Maker

A sermon by Steve Cooper One of my favourite actors is David Suchet, who plays Poirot in Agatha Christie’s detective series for TV. David Suchet has a wonderful voice, full of rich expression. My wife and I recently purchased his reading of the entire Bible, and it’s great to listen to. We especially enjoy hearing … Continue reading

The sight of the pure

A sermon by Steve Cooper I’ve been thinking about the sayings of Jesus which we call The Beatitudes. In each of these 8 sayings Jesus begins with the words ‘Blessed are..’, and he commends those of his followers who show character. The Beatitudes challenge the way we see life. In his profound book Your God … Continue reading

The wounded God (Anzac Day message)

A sermon by Steve Cooper Yesterday (25 April) was ANZAC Day – in fact a special ANZAC Day, for it marked 100 years ago when Australian soldiers launched their ill-fated landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula. The battle and eventual defeat in faraway Turkey has become the single most defining event in Australia’s war-time history. It … Continue reading

Where will my help come from?

A sermon by Graeme Best We all face trouble. It comes to us regardless of age, occupation, status or wealth. Sometimes our troubles are relatively minor but they may also be extremely serious, including illness and the prospect of death. Every aspect of life can bring trouble, including our health, finances, employment and family life. … Continue reading

Jesus brings forgiveness

A sermon by David Raey The story has been told of a woman who had “got religion” and was telling others of the difference it made in her life. She told her church study group, “I’m so glad I discovered God. I have an uncle I hated so much that I vowed I would never … Continue reading