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What the church is meant to be

A sermon by Margaret Hall Introduction  Allegations of sexual abuse and of attempts made to hide it raise many questions about the kind of society we live in.   Naturally the victims of such abuse are profoundly affected.  For society as a whole, the allegations are unsettling, to say the least.  For the many thousands of … Continue reading

Loving awkward people

A sermon by Steve Cooper When I was young I learned these lines: To live above with those you love, undiluted glory; To live below with those you know, quite another story! Those lines remind us that it’s often not easy to get along with people we know – including certain others in our family … Continue reading


A sermon by Alan Best Good morning. One afternoon, as I walked along a beach near Sydney, I looked back to see the deep, clear footprints I was leaving behind me. There was something impressive about them because there were no other marks on the sand. They almost seemed to be making a statement. But while … Continue reading

Our Father God: A sermon for Father’s Day

A sermon by Steve Cooper If you’re a father, or a father figure like a step-dad, carer, or foster father – I hope today you feel appreciated and affirmed by your children on Father’s Day. It’s important for us fathers to keep working at being good fathers, for dads these days face many challenges. Fathers … Continue reading

Where is God and what is he doing?

A sermon by David Raey A child dies when hit by a car as he ran onto the road to retrieve a ball. He had been bouncing that ball on the footpath and it bounced off a crack and so veered into the road. Such a tragic event raises questions for us. Why didn’t that … Continue reading

Reasonable to believe in God

A sermon by Michael Jensen I It really was one of the most interesting and dramatic confrontations in human history. The apostle Paul, learned Jew and champion of the new faith of Christianity, stood in the Areopagus in Athens – that famous blend of parliament and philosophy club in the centre of the city – … Continue reading

Life’s too short to be stressed

A sermon by Graham Agnew There’s something that unites us all today, something we’ve all experienced at one point or another. It’s inescapable and it’s brought on by a number of factors. That common bond is worry and stress. Some may be stressed and anxious even now about a whole range of things: health, finance, … Continue reading

The gospel changes lives

A sermon by Michael Jensen I Well: so what? You might agree that there is a God who created the world and all that is in it; that the gospels that describe his entry into the world in the life of Jesus of Nazareth are historically reliable; that the best explanation of the empty tomb … Continue reading

Why believe in eternal life?

A sermon by Margaret Hall Introduction If we live long enough, we reach a stage when we’re having a lot more appointments with the health professionals  –  and attending more funerals. In the busyness of living, it’s easy to put off serious thought about what lies ahead.  But as age catches up with us, the … Continue reading

Our declaration of autonomy

A sermon by Dominic Steele God: our loving God, our maker, the one who is unique and supreme, and who created a world that is good. We also saw that this loving God made us in his image and gave us the extraordinary privilege and responsibility of ruling his world under his guidelines. We were … Continue reading


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