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Christmas Reflections: Did Christmas just make a Comeback?

Has Christmas made a comeback? I have asked this question before … has ‘Happy Holidays’ been replaced again by the actual mention of Christmas?

It’s been on TV, and schools were generally allowed to mention the word.

Well, maybe not so much about the ‘reason for the season’, but there does seem to be an absence of that mistaken political correctness which wanted to air brush Christmas from our Society.

And everywhere was the ubiquitous Australian tradition – Christmas carols by candlelight, going strong in suburbs and country towns..

In fact, from what I saw coming from England – carols are more popular than ever. Composers are writing new ones – apparently the booming industry has seen hundreds of new carols written to sing alongside the popular favourites..

I hope you had a chance to sing carols in church this year – and had a truly happy and holy Christmas.

I’m Russell Powell for the NSW Council of Churches


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