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Government Showing Signs of Listening

People of faith, like me, appreciate the fact that Scott Morrison and his government have allowed more time to get the new religious discrimination laws right.

Considering the number of complex issues involved, they are something that shouldn’t be rushed.

Of particular concern was the fact that under the draft laws as they stood – religious groups which carried out some commercial activities, would not be considered religious groups. So a religious publisher, which sells books, would not be considered religious and other groups which did things for religious purposes but charged in some way, also would be considered ‘not religious’.

I haven’t met anyone who thinks that is a good idea. “Our government takes the issue of discrimination against Australians for their religious beliefs very seriously.” the Prime Minister said.

Given that some parties at the last election didn’t take such concerns seriously, it is incumbent upon the party elected, and the Prime Minister to make that right.

I’m Russell Powell for the NSW Council of Churches


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