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Tele-marketing of abortion services

#1133 for broadcast on 2CH, 4 October 2015

According to media reports, an Australian group plans to launch a mail service offering women an abortion kit after an over-the-phone assessment. The service is said to benefit women in rural communities, and will include the abortion drug RU486 and painkillers.

The Anglican Bishop of North Sydney, Chris Edwards, says the proposal “smacks of a program driven by commercial concerns” rather than genuine care for people. He said while he opposed “the termination of unborn lives, this bizarre proposal raises new concerns for their mothers and seems only to provide a low-cost tele-marketing opportunity for drug companies.”

Bishop Edwards said “the foetus in a woman’s womb is neither a growth in a host’s body, nor merely a potential human being. It is human life.” He said he had no desire to stand in personal judgment on any who may have resorted to an abortion, and reminded everyone that there is forgiveness with God through Christ, who died for our sins and offers us a new beginning.

I’m Rod Benson for the NSW Council of Churches.


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