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Back Off Those Millenials

Much has been said about the youngest generations, the Millenials and Gen Z, and their apparent lack of faith.

I’m not sure that’s entirely true.

Those generations may have their weaknesses, but don’t the other generations as well?

After all, we haven’t left them a spotless record or, in many ways, a very good example to follow.

But still – those generations are apparently the most open to supporting others in the practice of faith, especially in the workplace.

I think they probably understand religious freedom in a way that other generations could learn from.

Religious freedom is often seen as the right to go into a church on a Sunday morning, have a service and then come out again. You are free to do that. But those who truly follow Jesus understand that is just the start – freedom doesn’t begin and end at the church door.

I think the younger generations probably understand better than most that true faith involves whole of life – if you believe it, you will live it.

I’m Russell Powell for the NSW Council of Churches.


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