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Easter and social transformation

#1055 for broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 5 April 2015

As we enjoy the long Easter weekend, we run the risk of missing the shocking central message of Easter: that everything depends on the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the death and resurrection of Jesus, we find a model of loving our neighbour, servanthood and forgiveness that empowers our personal lives and community.

The early church championed this radical message. Today we struggle to accept the need for rich words like “sin,” “evil” and “repentance,” but look how alcohol abuse and problem gambling destroys people, families and communities. At the heart of our broad social problems and ethical challenges is the question of personal responsibility and accountability to God.

Let us together confess our personal and societal sins, and look for personal and societal transformation. Easter is a time to reflect on being who God has called us to be.

The Reverend Dr Ross Clifford AM is President of the NSW Council of Churches. I’m Rod Benson.


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