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God, Christians and asylum seekers

#1033 for broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 8 Feb 2015

Many Australians seem unmoved by the plight of asylum seekers. Tim Cocks, Rector of St Philip’s Anglican Church, Auburn, had this to say on the Sydney Anglican website:

Our current treatment of asylum seekers lacks compassion and denies our country’s Christian heritage … What [their] stories all share in common is that people faced trauma in their homelands, and then went through trauma to get here. How have we responded? Not with compassion. But with more trauma…

We imprison asylum seekers and their children in detention centres. We commit sustained child psychological abuse in the light of day… We park [those who have made it] on a bridging visa [resulting in] forced poverty…

But our greatest assault is our inaction…

Families will be kept apart indefinitely, multiplying the trauma. We deprive asylum seekers of that most essential ingredient for life: hope. It is a shameful blight on our nation…

What will God say about our treatment of asylum seekers?

I’m Rod Benson for the NSW Council of Churches.


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