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Real action on alcohol now

For broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 10 Nov 2013.

With the NSW Government reviewing laws on alcohol, a community campaign called “Save Our Streets” is calling on Premier Barry O’Farrell to act now to introduce reforms that will result in reductions in alcohol-related harm in the community.

Each year in NSW alcohol causes 50,000 hospitalisations, 15,000 non-domestic assaults, 10,000 domestic assaults and 1,200 deaths.  The email campaign calls on the Premier and NSW Government to:

1. Establish a Community Defenders Office to support communities to engage with the liquor licensing system.
2. Revise the liquor licensing system to ensure greater engagement of communities in liquor licensing decisions.
3. Stop the free ride for liquor licensees by making them pay annual fees for their licenses based on the risk the venue poses to our community.
4. Abolish all 24 hour trading and close late trading licensed venues by 3.00am.

If you’re concerned about alcohol-related violence, poverty and road deaths, sign up to the Alcohol Policy Alliance campaign at naapa.org.au

I’m Rod Benson for the NSW Council of Churches.


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