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Strike down ACT marriage law

For broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 3 Nov 2013.

Religious leaders and other members of faith communities, along with many Australians, have voiced their opposition to the radical social engineering imposed on citizens in the Australian Capital Territory by their government’s decision to legalise same sex marriage.

One expression of this community sentiment is a petition on the change.org website, which encourages Christians to ask Prime Minister Tony Abbott to overturn the new law.

The ACT Government’s decision goes against the Constitution of Australia and the Marriage Act 2004, and is deliberately testing the authority of Australian’s governmental structure.  It seeks to pass legislation described as “subversively contrary to the will of the Australian people.”

The petition also argues that the new law changes the fundamental construct of marriage, opening the door for changes to many other laws that have the potential to negatively affect many aspects of Australian society, in particular the education and psychosexual development of children.

I’m Rod Benson for the NSW Council of Churches.


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