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Churches support Nile bill to ban alcohol ads

31 August 2012

The NSW Council of Churches has thrown its support behind a private member’s bill in the NSW Legislative Council to prohibit alcohol advertising in the interests of public health.

In a follow-up to his historic bill to ban cigarette advertising, veteran NSW Upper House member  the Rev Fred Nile has introduced a bill which would ban alcohol advertising throughout the state.

The object of the bill was to persuade young people not to abuse alcoholic beverages, limit the exposure of children and young people to persuasion to drink alcohol, and assist those wishing to limit or give up alcohol consumption.

“Alcohol continues to be the major drug of choice and no one wants prohibition,” NSW Council of Churches President, Rev Dr Ross Clifford, said.

“But in light of society’s drive to binge drinking and alcohol-related violence throughout the city and elsewhere, it is time to take action to limit the advertising of alcoholic beverages and to support NSW Government initiatives to place sensible restrictions on trading hours for licensed premises,” he said.

The bill aimed to reduce alcohol-related domestic violence, death, road accidents, crimes and other violence, help prevent alcohol-related illnesses, and reduce the harmful impact of alcohol in the home and workplace.

Rev Nile said it was increasingly clear that alcohol companies were not prepared to take a responsible approach to public health.

“It will not be easy,” he said.  “But we won the battle on cigarette advertising and I believe we can win the battle on alcohol advertising.”

The bill was expected to be voted on later in the year.

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