2CH sermon index

Sermon index (alphabetical by author)

Index of sermons aired on “Sunday at 7.30” on 2CH Sydney (1170 AM dial)

Agnew, Graham  – A message about trust

Agnew, Graham – The amazing thing about grace

Agnew, Graham – Assurance of salvation

Agnew, Graham – The Bethesda pool

Agnew, Graham – Coffee with Jesus

Agnew, Graham – Easter Sunday sermon

Agnew, Graham – Gideon

Agnew, Graham – Freedom

Agnew, Graham – Jesus on prayer

Agnew, Graham – Life’s too short to be stressed

Agnew, Graham – Making your life count

Agnew, Graham – The power of an apology

Agnew, Graham – Sarah’s snigger

Agnew, Graham – Tax collection

Agnew, Graham – Watch your words

Agnew, Graham – What are my priorities?

Agnew, Graham – Why do bad things happen to good people?

Agnew, Graham – The writing on the wall

Best, Alan – Footprints

Best, Alan – Freedom is not fear

Best, Alan – Looking forward

Best, Alan – What is your passion?

Best, Graeme – A word about fear

Best, Graeme – Decisions

Best, Graeme – God is weird

Best, Graeme – Jesus the bridge to life

Best, Graeme – Living generously

Best, Graeme – The Lord is my shepherd

Best, Graeme – The perfect Christmas tree

Best, Graeme – Second chances

Best, Graeme – Thankfulness

Best, Graeme – Where will my help come from?

Cooper, Steve – Abraham in danger

Cooper, Steve – The best obsession

Cooper, Steve – Blessed are the merciful

Cooper, Steve – Character

Cooper, Steve – Christmas 2012

Cooper, Steve – Deal with the baggage

Cooper, Steve – Enjoying growing older (1 of 3)

Cooper, Steve – Enjoying growing older (2 of 3)

Cooper, Steve – Enjoying growing older (3 of 3)

Cooper, Steve – Facing perplexing questions

Cooper, Steve – Faith when life is confusing

Cooper, Steve – Finishing well

Cooper, Steve – For example

Cooper, Steve – God’s creation pattern for fathers

Cooper, Steve – God’s breathtaking plan for marriage

Cooper, Steve – God’s rescue plan

Cooper, Steve – The greatest hero

Cooper, Steve – The greatest word

Cooper, Steve – A guilty conscience

Cooper, Steve – Happy Mother’s Day

Cooper, Steve – The heart of Christmas

Cooper, Steve – Jesus brings hope

Cooper, Steve – Jesus brings transformation

Cooper, Steve – Life’s deepest secret

Cooper, Steve – The Lord’s Prayer

Cooper, Steve – Loving awkward people

Cooper, Steve – The main purpose of life

Cooper, Steve – Meet your Maker

Cooper, Steve – Mountain and valley

Cooper, Steve – A new beginning

Cooper, Steve – On being a father

Cooper, Steve – Our Father God

Cooper, Steve – Palm Sunday

Cooper, Steve – Resolve that anger!

Cooper, Steve – The sight of the pure

Cooper, Steve – Stability in the storm

Cooper, Steve – Time to reassess

Cooper, Steve – What happens when life ends?

Cooper, Steve – When you feel insecure

Cooper, Steve – When you feel weary

Cooper, Steve – A woman valued by Jesus

Cooper, Steve – The wounded God (Anzac Day message)

Davies, Glenn – Christmas message 2014 [transcript unavailable]

Goodhew, Harry – A clear and remarkable work of God

Goodhew, Harry – Annus horribilis

Goodhew, Harry – Consider your calling

Goodhew, Harry – The ekklesia of God

Goodhew, Harry – The God who gives life

Goodhew, Harry – God’s creative hand

Goodhew, Harry – I am Alpha and Omega

Goodhew, Harry – In Christ

Goodhew, Harry – Is faith reasonable?

Goodhew, Harry – Listen to the word of the Lord

Goodhew, Harry – Jesus brings a path to follow

Goodhew, Harry – Jesus brings calm in troubled times

Goodhew, Harry – Jesus brings joy

Goodhew, Harry – Jesus brings rescue

Goodhew, Harry – Jesus brings the defeat of evil

Goodhew, Harry – Jesus brings true knowledge of God

Goodhew, Harry – Life’s seasons

Goodhew, Harry – The Moses principle

Goodhew, Harry – On downsizing God

Goodhew, Harry – The ups and dowwns of life

Hall, Margaret – A prophet like Moses

Hall, Margaret – Born of a virgin

Hall, Margaret – Happy Easter!

Hall, Margaret – He died for us

Hall, Margaret – The healing forgiveness brings

Hall, Margaret – I am your shield

Hall, Margaret – Jesus and the end of suffering

Hall, Margaret – Jesus brings hope

Hall, Margaret – Jesus brings peace

Hall, Margaret – The judgment of God

Hall, Margaret – The mercy of God

Hall, Margaret – One God in three Persons

Hall, Margaret – The purpose of our lives

Hall, Margaret – Reflections on Psalm 84

Hall, Margaret – Thoughts on heaven

Hall, Margaret – Thoughts on hell

Hall, Margaret – What the church is meant to be

Hall, Margaret – Who am I?

Hall, Margaret – Why are we here?

Hall, Margaret – Why believe in eternal life?

Hall, Margaret – Yours is the power

Jensen, Michael – Creation

Jensen, Michael – From nothing

Jensen, Michael – The gospel is true because it changes lives

Jensen, Michael – John Foxe

Jensen, Michael – A sermon on time

Jensen, Michael – To God be the glory

Jensen, Michael – What is truth?

Jensen, Michael – Why it is reasonable to believe in God

Kerr, David – Do all religions lead to God?

Kerr, David – Relationships: The currency of the universe

Raey, David – Jesus brings a fresh start

Raey, David – Jesus brings an end to despair

Raey, David – Jesus brings forgiveness

Raey, David – Where is God and what is he doing?

Robinson, Michael – Jesus and Jairus

Robinson, Michael – New Year 2013

Robinson, Michael – The other lost son

Smith, Bob – A crown of splendour

Smith, Bob – Do you want to be healed?

Smith, Bob – Give in to win

Smith, Bob – Immanuel

Smith, Bob – The importance of doubting your doubts

Smith, Bob – Jesus brings an end to despair

Smith, Bob – Why I believe in God

Steele, Dominic – God, us and the meaning of life

Steele, Dominic – The Lord is my Shepherd

Steele, Dominic – Our declaration of autonomy


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