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Is Rugby Still Played in Heaven?

I think it is time for a bit of perspective about social media. The space is now chock full of so many things. Some of it helpful – quite a lot of it trivial and some things you would prefer not to see. Some things are thought provoking and whether or not you agree with … Continue reading

Declining Numbers Not the Whole Story

There is no doubt that the age of nominal church attendance is over – people don’t go to church anymore because it is fashionable as it might have been in the 20th century and earlier. But as I have often said, the statistics about church attendance declining in some areas also reflect the fact that … Continue reading

Archbishop’s Controversial Challenge to Church Leaders

The Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies made headlines this week when he said leaders trying to change church doctrine should leave to find another church. He was talking about the doctrine of marriage. He was talking about leaders such as Bishops – not those in the pews who probably have a range of views (depending where … Continue reading

Amen, Mr Morrison. Amen

For the first time I can remember, the Prime Minister has talked about prayer. Not the American-type-we are sending our thoughts and prayers – Scott Morrison addressing a Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast in Canberra said prayer could bring about nonpartisan unity by reminding MPs of their vulnerability and humanity. I agree – I have seen that … Continue reading

Pushback on Religious Freedom Bill a “Positive Sign”

There have been headlines recently saying that the draft religious freedom bill has pleased nobody, churches included. Well, that’s not quite right. As Senator Amanda Stoker pointed out the strong pushback on some aspects of the bill is actually a “positive sign”. After all, she said, it was released as an exposure draft and was … Continue reading

Stunning Moment of Forgiveness

There was a stunning moment of forgiveness last week in a courtroom in the United States. Most people in Australia would be unaware of the case but it is worth googling the news reports. Former police officer Amber Guyger shot and killed a black man, named Botham Jean-when she mistakenly entered the wrong apartment. She … Continue reading

Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Scientific Journals

The old saying used to be “don’t believe everything you read in the papers”. Let me now extend that to “don’t believe everything you read in the scientific journals”. What research studies say is often taken as gospel truth by media outlets and reported as such. But I have seen several examples of such findings … Continue reading

Baffling Concerns for Religious Freedom

In the next week, we will hear a lot in the news about religious freedom. The government has been taking submissions on the draft of its religious discrimination bill – and so there will be a string of these submissions made public. The government could do worse than looking to a recent court ruling in … Continue reading

Trump, China, and Religious Freedom

It is interesting to hear the news this week that the United States has pledged to uphold religious freedom around the world. Or at least in the parts of the world it can influence. President Trump announced new initiatives as part of a global call for protecting religious freedom at the United Nations General Assembly. … Continue reading

Are the Nationals Tone Deaf

There have been a couple of instances lately of politicians being tone deaf to people of faith. The ALP may be in the process of learning its lesson after the disastrous showing in the Federal Election-but I think there are some lessons at state level too. The Nationals seem intent on ignoring people of faith … Continue reading


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