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Same sex marriage bill sponsored by Liberal MP

#1109 for broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 9 August 2015.

Marriage is the union of a man and a woman, voluntarily entered into for life. It provides a natural and sustainable foundation for our society, the best environment for raising the next generation.

Managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Lyle Shelton, says “redefining marriage would redefine family. By definition same-sex parenting means intentionally removing a child from either their mum or dad.”

He says experience overseas demonstrates that people who disagree with same sex marriage are punished by law.

Next week Liberal MP Warren Entsch is expected to sponsor a bill to legalise same sex marriage, designed to pressure Prime Minister Tony Abbott to change the Coalition’s long-held marriage policy.

If you want the definition of marriage to remain unchanged, write and tell your local MP, and sign the online petition to the Senate calling on Parliament to preserve marriage. There’s a link on the Council of Churches website, nswchs.com. That’s nswchs.com

I’m Rod Benson for the NSW Council of Churches.


6 thoughts on “Same sex marriage bill sponsored by Liberal MP

  1. I can not find the link to sign on mentioned in the above article

    Posted by Karen | August 9, 2015, 8:27 am
  2. marriage is between a man and a woman. if same sex deviants with to live together they should call it a union not marriage.

    Posted by jIM cOOK | August 9, 2015, 9:10 am
  3. Please fight against same sex marriage, it is against God’s word and wrong for humanity.

    Posted by Zoe Barton | August 9, 2015, 1:10 pm
  4. So where is the link to the senate petition? I have searched for it from the home page and this page and get the same zero results.

    Posted by Ron | August 9, 2015, 5:52 pm

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